Mar 012011

Have you ever peeped into your mind? Do you see your mind as a dense jungle of words or as a huge album of pictures? In fact your mind is a wonderful universe of your own which nobody else can enter unless you invite. How can you invite one to enter your universe unless you have words? Words are the keys to open the doors of your mind. With each word you utter you open a door to your listener and he sees some part of your universe.

Have you ever thought that the words you use create pictures in other people’s minds? How do words come to you to express your thoughts if there were no pictures in your mind? First, you see a person, an animal or a thing, then, you learn the name. As soon as you learn the name, it hides itself behind the picture of the person, the animal or the thing you saw. Whenever you hear the word or see the word the picture appears in your mind’s eye and whenever you want to say something pictures followed by words emerge.

Learn English through pictures

Once you understand this truth about learning languages, you can find the correct path to learn ENGLISH. Start learning English through pictures. Look at a picture and then learn to read it using words. Don’t try to memorize words. Just remember the picture and word together. Words cannot survive without pictures. The more words you have, the better you can express your thoughts. Then, you can open all the doors of your universe and invite others to come and see your own wonderful creations. That is what great writers do by creating master pieces with words. Learning English through pictures is the one and only method of successful Learning.

Jun 192011

Anglo mania is the most dangerous disease most English learners suffer from. How to cure this malady and what is the highly effective drug to cure this? You can solve this problem by yourself. Sit comfortably and meditate on you own language and how you learnt it when you were a baby. Can you remember [Read More…]

May 192011

Language learning is purely a personal affair. One can never master a second language unless one tries to compare and contrast it with one’s mother tongue. That is the secret of mastering a second language. If approach in the right way, it is extremely easy to learn English. This article is mostly intended for those [Read More…]

Feb 132011

TOEFL and IELTS are the two biggest standardized tests of the English language. These tests assess your reading, listening, speaking and writing skills. This article is a brief introduction about learning English for IELTS or TOEFL. The eye (physical eye and mind’s eye) plays a major role in your English language learning process. Eye contact [Read More…]

Feb 132011

Whenever we open our eyes, we see uncountable number of things around us. We see from tiny grains of sand to giant stars, from dew drops to vast sea, from tiny bugs to huge whales. We have given names to all living and nonliving things for our convenience to recognize them. Seeing things and recognizing [Read More…]

Feb 132011

In our universe, we only see matter and actions. The combination of matter in different quantities has made all fauna such as man, animals, reptiles and birds, then, flora such as trees, plants and creepers, next, things such as soil, sand, rock, planets and stars. So we have named them to recognize them. (In English [Read More…]

Jan 032011

A single word is a simple picture. A phrase is an unfinished picture. A sentence is a complete picture giving the reader a clear thought and some feeling conveyed through words. Read the following words, phrases and sentences given. Box The box on the box In the box The cat is in the box. There [Read More…]