Anglo mania is the most dangerous disease most English learners suffer from. How to cure this malady and what is the highly effective drug to cure this? You can solve this problem by yourself. Sit comfortably and meditate on you own language and how you learnt it when you were a baby. Can you remember the method you used to learn your mother tongue? Do all the other people who use your mother tongue speak in the same manner or differently? Do people in different localities use it differently? Are there some differences in writing and speaking? Are there standards such as polite, common and vulgar in your language use? Is your grammar very complicated or simple? If you find answers to these questions apply them to English, too.

English is another language used by people living in many parts of the world. It is not a super language used by super class of people as most of you think it is. Even, in the United Kingdom, it is spoken differently. British English, Scottish English Wales English and Irish English slightly differ in usage. British English, American English and Australian English also differ slightly. But you think these slight differences as very great differences. Don’t run away with these false and foolish ideas. We have internationally accepted Standard English. If you learn Standard English, you can communicate perfectly well with anybody who lives in any part of the globe in English without any fear if he knows English. Don’t be afraid and get trembled when somebody start to talk to you in English. Be calm and listen carefully and answer with the words you know.

If you are suffering from Anglo mania, start learning English through pictures. That is the only medicine to cure it.