In our universe, we only see matter and actions. The combination of matter in different quantities has made all fauna such as man, animals, reptiles and birds, then, flora such as trees, plants and creepers, next, things such as soil, sand, rock, planets and stars. So we have named them to recognize them. (In English Grammar names are called Nouns)

Just sitting comfortably in your living room, you can see mentally if you know the names of all these things. Your vocabulary of names does wonders in this manner. If you don’t know the name of an animal when you see one you have never seen before, you have to ask somebody who knows the name of that animal. If you don’t learn the name of that animal and if you want to tell somebody about the animal you saw, even with hundreds of words you will not be able to give an exact picture of that particular animal. This is why we must learn the names of whatever we see.

Begin your English language learning by keeping this in mind. Start to learn English nouns for whatever you see. Human learning always begins with learning nouns. First, learn the names of the parts of your body. If you go on collecting new words for the parts of your body, you will be surprised to see what a wonderful creation, the human body is. So improve your vocabulary of names and see what a wonderful and beautiful universe we live in.