How we see the world through English

A, An, The, are called ‘ARTICLES’ in grammar.

A = one
An = one (for easy pronunciation with vowel sounds)
The = this, these, that, those
When we look at anything we see it through the defining non-defining filter as shown above. A noun may be used with or without A, An, The.


Look at this picture of a boy and learn how A, An, The, are used.


Don’t learn to read as given below.

Now, name the parts of your body touching them like this.

Touch your head and say ‘The head’, touch your nose and say ‘The nose’, touch one ear and say ‘An ear’ touch the other ear and say ‘An ear’ touch both your ears and say ‘The ears’ etc., etc., ….

Now, follow these pictures carefully and fill in the cages with A/An/The.

The Cat And The Rat



cat and

rat lived in

farm-house. One day

rat saw

apple on

kitchen table.

rat wanted to eat


cat saw

rat near


cat wanted to eat


cat ran after


rat ran into


cat was waiting near

hole to catch


Now read the whole story and see whether your answers are correct.

The Cat And The Rat

Once a cat and a rat lived in a farm-house. One day the rat saw an apple on the kitchen table. The rat wanted to eat the apple. The cat saw the rat near the table. The cat wanted to eat the rat. The cat ran after the rat. The rat ran into a hole. The cat was waiting near the hole to catch the rat.

The farmer saw the cat sitting near the hole watching silently. He noticed the end of a rat’s tail deep in the hole. He fitted a wooden plug to the mouth of the hole to make the rat starve to death. But in the night when the farmer and the cat had gone to sleep, the rat gnawed the plug away and ran away.

The following morning the farmer found that the rat had escaped by gnawing the plug away when he saw the bits of wood scattered in front of the hole. He got very angry and wanted to teach the rat a good bitter lesson. He bought a rat-trap and that night, he set the trap with a bait, placed it near the hole and went to bed.

He was about to fall asleep when he heard a loud screaming in the kitchen. He jumped out of bed and ran to the kitchen expecting to see the rat caught in the trap. But he couldn’t believe when he saw what was happening in the kitchen.

The cat was running here and there screaming madly with the trap, a paw caught in it and the rat was dancing in front of the hole clapping and laughing loudly, highly amused at the scene.




Countable Nouns

Singular                       Plural

A flower                      Flowers

Water                      milk

Uncountable nouns

No plural

Tea   Coffee   Bread    Sugar

Money          Music               Love


A car                           cars                  singular+s                  

A bus                           buses               singular+es                

A lorry                         lorries             singular-y+ies

A thief                         thieves             singular-f+ves             

A man                         men                 vowel (A,E,I,O,U)  change

A sheep                       sheep               no change 

An antenna                  antennae          foreign words   

An antenna                  antennas          (Common usage)                                           

Read this picture using the articles A, An, The.

__ head

__ hair

__  face

__  forehead

__ eye brow

__ eye brow

__  eye brows

__ eye

__  eye

__ eyes

__  eye lid

__  eye lid

___eye lid

__  eye lid

__ eye lids

__ eye lashes

__ nose

__ nostril

__ nostril

__ nostrils

__ mouth

__ lip

__ lip

__ lips

__ upper lip

__ lower lip

__ tooth

__ teeth

__ tongue

__ chin

__ cheek

__ cheek

__ cheeks

__ temple

__ temple

__ temples

__ ear

__ ear

__ ears

__ ear lobe

__ ear lobes

__ jaw

__ jaw

We cannot use A or An with uncountable nouns but if they are defined, we can use The.

water - uncountable

Water has no taste.
Water has no colour.

glass of water


The water in the glass is very hot.

‘THE’ is also used where the noun can be identified from the context.We all have a personal universe in which everything is known and identified. If the listener shares or knows one’s universe , he will understand which is which.

I am going to the post office.
She has gone to the bank.
Here the listener knows which post office and which bank.

Other examples are:

 A Building            A Town                  A Country
the bathroom         at the cinema           in the country
the bed room         the theatre             on the beach
in the kitchen       in the town             at the seaside
in the living room   at the railway station  in the south
at the door          in the street           in the north
at the gate          up the road             in the hill country
the garden           at the post office      across the sea
in the corridor      in the hospital         all over the country
on the second floor  in the super market     in the dry zone