Nouns are the names of people, animals and things. Some nouns are countable and some nouns are uncountable.

Countable                        Uncountable
A flower                          Water

Countable nouns have two forms.

Singular                        Plural
A flower                         Flowers

Most countable nouns take ‘s’ sound at the end to make the plural form. Just looking at a road you can learn nearly all the ways of turning a singular noun into plural.


Look at this picture and name what you see.

Learn English Nouns

A car
A bus
A lorry
A thief
A Man
A Sheep
1 + s
1 + es
1 – y + ies
1 – f + ves
vowel change
no change


Look at the picture below and name all the people, animals and things you see in it. Think of the plural forms of them.


Turn into Plural

1. An ant is an insect.
2. A postman wears a uniform.
3. A baby always cries.
4. A glass is made of glass.
5. A wife is a woman.
6. A box has a lid.
7. A teacher is a man or a woman.
8. An owl is a bird.
9. A garden has a tree.
10. An orange grows on a tree.


Nouns are divided in to five groups.

Abstract Nouns, Concrete Nouns, Proper Nouns, Common Nouns, Collective Nouns, Material Nouns

Concrete nouns and Abstract nouns

Abstract Nouns


Gerund (verbnoun)

We can use gerund (V6) form of the verb instead of any other noun in places where we use nouns.

Look at the following pictures and learn how to use gerund.